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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Poor Memphis

My poor little man had to get stitches tonight. All day long he has been in a cuddly, don't want to be in the car kind of mood and that is where he has spent most of it, and didn't get a nap. I have been running errands all day long and we finally arrived home at 7:15. Memphis had finally fallen asleep about 10 minutes before we pulled into the driveway, (which is typical) and when I pulled him out of the car I noticed that he was feeling fairly warm. I didn't think much of it since he sleeps pretty hot. I put him in the tub and he was whining and didn't want to be in there but also didn't want me to take him out. So, when I was holding him up to wash his body he lurched forward, throwing himself into the side of the tub. Honestly, this just irritated me until I saw the water in the tub turning red! I turned his head and saw blood. When I went to wipe it away I felt the meat from the gash. It was terrible. I felt terrible. I FEEL terrible! I immediately grabbed him out of the tub, told Wren to rinse her hair and get dressed, put a diaper on him while applying pressure with a towel to his head, gave him a sucker to try to calm him down, hoping the bleeding would slow down if he weren't so hysterical and got everybody in the car. I tried calling Val to see if she could come get Wren but could never get a hold of her so called Jeremiah to try and calm my nerves. It helped a little.... When we finally got to Redicare, there was a room full of people and my poor bleeding baby had to wait for every one of them before he got called back! It was very frustrating and scary. Especially since he fell asleep and I didn't know if he had a concussion or what! So we finally got back there, they scrubbed at it and got it "clean"- not an enjoyable experience for Memphis or me since I got to hold him down for that. They also took his temp which was at 102.8. Then they gave me a wad of gauze doused in saline and told me to keep that pressed against the wound until the dr came in. About 5 min later a nurse comes in and gives me a cold washcloth to put on the back of his neck for the fever - want to know what Memphis thought of that plan? NOTHING GOOD! Want to know who got to hold him down with it pressed against his neck? ME! I'm not sure who cried more tonight!  Well, 45 min - 1 hr later the dr. finally comes in... Pretty sure we were forgotten for awhile. Turns out they had to apply a numbing solution which took another 45 min then they gave him a shot directly into the gash (which almost made me pass out and makes my stomach heave to think about) which the numbing solution did not do a very good job of numbing by the way! Then they gave him stitches, which he fell asleep during. They then decided to check his ears because of his temp and sure enough, he also has a double ear infection. 

When we got home all he wanted was for me to hold him. That's all I wanted to do as we'll, but since ms. Wren needed to be put to bed that was not an option. :( poor kid! I am now sitting here listening to him whimper in his sleep. I know he'll sleep better if I just leave him alone in his bed but I just want to go in there and snuggle with him!!

Rough night all around!

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